05 7 / 2012

Different versions of your campaign

We are always improving spread.us, 99% percent of these improvements are based on user feedback. That is also the case for this week’s new feature: adding an alternative version of your campaign.

When you create a campaign the first tweet we post is the one on your own account. After that we start posting for your subscribers. Based on the number of subscribers this can take anywhere from 3 minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes.

We noticed that some lists are highly interconnected, meaning that subscribers have a lot of followers in common. In the case you have a small list where the followers of your subscribers constantly check twitter it could happen that they would see some identical tweets within a short timeframe. Not a big problem, but it would be nice to be able to say the same thing in a different way, so it stick even more.

To solve this we decided to give you the option to add an extra version of text to your campaign. So from today on you can add an alternative version of the text to your campaign. This will reduce the chance followers will see identical tweets shortly after each other in their timeline.

Adding an alternative is easy, just click the “+” and you can create a new version.

When you added an extra version to your campaign your own account still tweets the original text but your subscribers will (at random) post either the original or the alternative.

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28 6 / 2012

Say: “Thank you”

My mother thought me to say thank you when someone did something nice. Saying thank you is always a good idea, a great gesture to show your appreciation.

Does this also go for social media? Should we thank people when they did something thankful online? Of course! In fact you’ll find it in almost every list of how to be successful in social media.

So we’ve added a small feature to Spread.us to add a thank you message to the email notification your subscribers get when you post a tweet on their behalf. The message may include a link to a website.

You can add a thank you note on the settings page. You can show your appreciation, add a coupon or discount code, a link to get something for free or maybe just something funny. If you don’t know yet what to do, just say Thank you!

Oh by the way… Thank you for using spread.us!


26 6 / 2012

Feature in the spotlight: Schedule your campaign

You’re creating your campaign on spread.us but you want to post it later, maybe at a more favorable time of the day, when the followers of your subscribers are more likely online, or you want to message to be spread right after the embargoed time of your press release. Well we’ve got something for you so you can create your campaigns at any time of the day (or night for the night crawlers amongst us) but post it at a different time. We call it “scheduled campaigns” (after multiple meetings with the naming team as you imagine with such a great find).

How to create a scheduled campaign?

You start to create your campaign like you’d always do, from the campaigns interface you click on the clock button below the text box. Choose a date and time somewhere in the future and you’re done.

You can use the sliders to pick the correct time.

Click Spread it and your campaign is scheduled at the set date and time.

Ideas on when to use the Scheduled campaigns feature:

- Your working late hours, but most of your followers and the followers of your subscribers have called it a day. Not the best time to post a tweet or a Spread.us campaign, but a great time to creating the campaign and schedule it for next morning.

- your company has news to share with the world and the press release is published tomorrow at 11am. You can already schedule your Spread.us campaign so it will be published right after your press release goes live.

Create a campaign or get a free Spread.us account now and start spreading important messages with your colleagues and friends.

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21 6 / 2012

What are “tags” and how can I use them?

Tags can be given to subscribers and campaigns. Tagging subscribers allows you to sub-divide your subscribers into smaller groups. Say for example you are working for a company with offices in Amsterdam and London and you have several projects.

By tagging your subscribers you can target your campaigns. In this case you can tag your colleagues with “Amsterdam” or “London” and the project they are working on “Blog”, “TwitterCounter” etc. To target your campaign you just have to add one of your tags to it.

How to tag subscribers?

You can tag your subscribers on the “Subscribers > Manage” page.

On this page you will find a list of all your subscribers. By using the text field in the last column you can add tags for individual subscribers.

Want to add totally new tag? Just think of a name, type it and press enter. The tag is automagically added for your account. By using the checkboxes in front of the subscribers you can also add tags to a group of subscribers.

How to tag a campaign?

So now you have all your subscribers sub-divided into nice group now start using these tags to target your campaign. On the “Campaigns” page you will find the tag icon just below the big textarea.

Now you can tag your campaign. Tagging your campaign with a specific tag means that every subscriber having that tag will share your campaign for you. The numbers on the right update based on the selection you make. Easy isn’t it?

Tagging for real pro’s

Tagging large amounts of subscribers can be shitty job, if you find yourself doing this a lot we suggest you try one of the following options:

  1. Get an intern to do it for you ;-)
  2. Use custom invite URLs to automatically tags subscribers when they sign up

To create a custom invite URL go to the “Subscribers > Invite” page and select the “Custom invite” tab.

Add one or more tags like you do for a subscriber, simply start typing in the text area. To remove a tag just click it. People using the custom URL at the bottom of the page will automatically be tagged with the tags you selected, easy peasy.


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20 6 / 2012

Welcome to the all new Spread.us

In the dying seconds of 2011 we came up with the idea to make social sharing easier for publishers and their readers. We start building the service and in February we launched Spread.us for Publishers. A unique way to create massive social reach. (Read the post on the launch at The Next Web)

Thanks for all the feedback:

Signups start rolling in and almost a thousand publishers were interested in the service and started using the service. We’ve got hundreds of mails, skype calls and coffee invites to talk about the service and how it could be improved, this was all very useful feedback (thanks!) and we went back to the drawing board. Last week we launched the all new Spread.us and we believe this is something of interest not only to Publishers, but to each and every company or content curator that wants to get an important message out to multiple people at the same time in a very easy way.

What is the all new Spread.us:

Spread.us is a new service that lets anyone share news and announcements using the Twitter accounts of colleagues, editors, friends or fans. It can be used by companies of any size, publishers, event organizers, social media experts, PR agencies or content curators who want to ‘spread’ their news with and via people who care enough to help share it. (Read what The Next Web says about it, and check out our press release)

This is a totally new concept in the social media world, so we can imagine you have to think about this for a while. That’s also exactly what I would suggest to you, think about how you or your organization could benefit from spread.us, try to come up with a simple idea on how to use the service and just do it (get a free account and start with some colleagues). Test it, and let us know what you think.

To help get the creativity flowing we came up with six ways on how you could use Spread.us within your organization.

We hope you like it as much as we like it and we love to hear from you how you use it.